Why It’s Beneficial to Hire a Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer

When people apply for Social Security disability, they can either get Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. While the former type of disability insurance will pay you the most money, most Social Security attorneys will apply for both types to ensure you at least get some compensation for your condition. In any case, it pays to hire a Missouri Social Security disability lawyer. Here’s why.

Expertise and Knowledg

Most lawyers who handle Social Security disability in Missouri have been practicing disability law for five or 10 years or longer and employ highly educated lawyers. These lawyers are both certified in Social Security law and highly familiar with all the different ailments that can qualify you for disability insurance.

Assists With Paperwor

A lawyer that practices Social Security disability in Missouri law will help you fill out all the required forms, including the initial application. He or she will also ensure that the Social Security Administration receives all of your paperwork.

Improves Chances of Winnin

Research and statistics have shown that you have double the chance of getting disability benefits with an attorney for Social Security disability in Missouri versus trying to obtain benefits on your own. That’s why it’s always best to hire this type of lawyer before applying for disability benefits.

A Missouri Social Security disability lawyer can recognize certain weaknesses in your case and rectify them. One example is having you obtain more medical forms from a specialist to better substantiate your disability.

Grundy Disability Group, which you can reach at 855-233-9922, is one of the premier Social Security Disability law firms in Missouri and will always work hard to get you the disability benefits you deserve.