3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Family Medical Center in Andover, Kansas

The traditional model of medical care involves your family physician and referrals to labs and specialists. While this approach may work in some cases, the complexity of navigating the system may lead to people disengaging in care. A family medical center in Andover, Kansas, addresses the problems that may arise from a traditional model.

Medical Care for All Stages of Life

A family medical center is staffed with general physicians who are experienced in pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics and other specialized care that is needed by your family. You develop a trusting relationship with your physician, and this is the foundation of staying engaged in the treatment plan.

On-site Lab and Diagnostic Services

On-site lab and diagnostic services at a family medical center in Andover Kansas reduce the time that you spend traveling between facilities. Having the services under the same roof also expedites the results that are reviewed by your doctor.

Coordination Between Physicians

When health issues arise unexpectedly, you want to see a physician who is not only available but also has access to your medical records. The electronic medical records at a medical center are accessible by any one of the staff physicians. Should you need a referral outside the family medical center, your doctor coordinates with those specialists to ensure that you receive the ongoing care that is outlined in the treatment plan.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Family Medical Center in Andover, Kansas

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