Why it Is Becoming Common to Find Metal Decorative Ceilings in New York, NY Homes

The metal ceilings that were once common in many U.S. homes are now reappearing. For example, New York professionals like Abingdon Construction are staying busy installing decorative metal ceiling tiles in a range of styles and colors. By choosing Metal Decorative Ceilings New York NY homeowners simplify home maintenance, add beauty and increase security.

Old-Style Metal Ceilings Are New Again

Tin ceilings are often found in older New York homes because they were popular during the late 19th Century. They actually consist of square sections of metal with often elaborate designs pressed into them. When they chose original Metal Decorative Ceilings New York NY homeowners were usually trying to add sophistication. It was often considered an alternative to elegant and trendy, but pricey, plasterwork.

Suppliers Offer a Wide Range of Products

The stunning original metal ceilings were so durable that many still survive today and have inspired current homeowners. Fortunately, several contemporary manufacturers offer a range of hand-painted as well as powder-coated tiles. Company websites like http://abingdonconstruction.com include helpful idea galleries as well as a “contact us” option that allows clients to meet with professionals and compare products. Customers are offered a huge variety of designs. They can also find tiles made from a range of materials. When planning Metal Decorative Ceilings, New York NY clients can opt for stainless steel/tin as well as brass, chrome and copper plated styles. There are also solid copper and pre-painted white tiles. Established contractors offer various installation choices, including snap up pans, nail up and wood suspended.

Metal Ceiling Tiles Offer Exceptional Benefits

In addition to stunning beauty, metal ceilings provide some very practical benefits. They are fireproof and moisture resistant. Unlike plaster or other ceiling materials, they are not affected by mold caused by dampness. Metal tiles do not crack easily and, in fact, can strengthen structures. They also require little maintenance, hide underlying ceiling flaws and increase home values.

Homeowners who want to restore original architectural elements in the older home or create stunning ceilings during new construction often choose metal ceilings. They are created from metal tiles with elegant pressed-in designs. Metal ceilings increase home values and beauty, add security and require little care to remain beautiful for decades.

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