Why Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

If you are arrested and charged as a criminal, consulting an attorney that practices criminal law in Sturgis SD may save you years of heartache. Criminal lawyers understand that not all arrestees are bad people and are committed to making sure the law is properly followed when their clients are charged in a criminal court. Criminal lawyers specialize in trying cases and negotiating plea agreements and dismissals in order to ensure that their clients’ reputations remain untarnished.

First, what is a criminal charge, and how can it negatively effect you? Some of the most common criminal charges include drug possession charges, domestic assault charges and DUI charges. If charged with drug possession, you risk the possibility of being disqualified for student aid or being able to maintain or obtain a professional licensure needed to sustain a respectable career. Likewise, a DUI charge and conviction can cause you to not only lose your driver’s license but your job if your job includes mandatory travel which in turn can effect your entire livelihood. Criminal lawyers have experience in these cases and have experience in making sure you get the best outcome available for your situation.

Criminal lawyers will make sure that you are given every right available and that ever action taken against you is a legal action. Most criminal lawyers will evaluate whether or not your arrest was even legal and if they feel they have a case, they could possible reduce charges against you just by determining whether law enforcement agencies involved acted in the appropriate manner. If necessary, criminal lawyers may take your case to trial if they believe the outcome will be beneficial.

If the criminal lawyer is not confident that a trial is necessary in your case, the next step is to arrange a plea deal. Oftentimes, there are simple solutions to making sure that whatever action is taken against you will not follow you around for the rest of your life. Some of the most commons part of a plea deal include reduced sentencing if jail time is involved, parole arrangements, expungement of records and complete dismissal of cases.

Regardless of your crime or whether you are innocent or guilty, you, like all other citizens, are entitled to certain civil rights. Your first step to ensuring these liberties are properly afforded is to obtain a criminal lawyer in the event you or someone you know is charged with a crime.

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