Why Having a Backup Internet Connection is Crucial

It doesn’t matter how big or small a company, nonprofit agency or government entity happens to be, if operations depend on Internet access, an outage can be painful. It can result in massive work stoppages, a loss of income and even a loss of new business. This is why so many firms of all sizes and focuses make sure to have access to a backup Internet connection.

What is It?

A backup Internet connection is a secondary failsafe that can be switched to when a main ISP goes down for whatever reason. Since even the biggest Internet Service Providers can suffer from outages that last more than a few minutes, many companies dependent on the Internet for getting work done put a backup plan in place.

While some companies have a backup connection that requires a complicated switch over in the event of a lengthy outage, others take a smarter approach. They rely instead on firms that specialize in wide area network management and Internet redundancy.

Why Hire a Pro?

Sure it’s possible to manually switch over a network to a backup ISP in the event of an outage, but this can take time and effort. The network will have to be configured and getting everything to run smoothly could result in a longer than desired outage. When seamless operations are desired, professional services can deliver. The better companies that offer backup Internet connection options to their clients are able to provide:

  • Turnkey setups – Rather than have to deal with complicated, in-house programming issues, these providers handle everything internally at a cost that’s very budget friendly. In fact, the better services make it simple to enjoy redundancy even for one-person operations where every penny counts.


  • Provider provisioning – If a secondary Internet connection hasn’t already been secured by a firm, these companies can locate a service that provides the perfect backup alternative at a price that’s reasonable.


  • Monitoring – By monitoring Internet connections, a management firm can readily detect when there’s trouble on a main line. This means switching over to the backup Internet connection is fast and seamless. Instead of becoming a lengthy process, the switchover is nothing more than a blip of an outage. That means business operations can continue as normal even if the main provider is down for the count.
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