Why do people call NYC the Big Apple?

This question is somewhat like asking “what is boxing day?” Everybody has heard of it but there are a number of theories on what it really is, this is the same with “The Big Apple” moniker for New York City. One thing that seems true though is that it was not until 1971when it was officially recognized by the city council even though New Yorkers themselves had been using the nickname sine the 20s. When the city took up the campaign in 1971 it used a team of volunteers that were tasked with handing out red apples to tourists visiting the city. This promotion was carried out in the hopes that people from outside the city would somehow get a better perception of the place and when tourists took a helicopter ride in NYC they would see all the wonder places in and around the city.

One interesting possibility on how the nickname came about goes back to 1909 when some guy became quite critical of how much of the nation’s money was going to New York and how it was disproportional to the rest of the country. The guy compared to the US economy as an apple tree with many roots but suggested that New York City, which he called the big apple, got most of the sap.

When you take a helicopter ride in NYC you will get a chance to guides about the city, they will have a second opinion of why NYC is called The Big Apple. A popular theory involves a sports writer for one of the newspapers in the 1920s who opined that the prizes awarded at horse races held around the city were called “apples.”

During a visit to a southern race track to sell some of his own horses, this writer spoke to jockeys who were all referring to New York horse racing as The Big Apple.
A third theory centers on jazz music. Apparently during the jazz age, musicians called their gigs “apples”, the reason for this died with the musicians of the era. During the 1920s New York was a must-go-to destination for jazz musicians so it became the ultimate gig when the musician played “The Big Apple’.

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