Top Cosmetic Procedures In California

There are many different procedures offered by Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery offices. Sometimes people come into the office thinking that they want one type of surgery and then, after learning a bit more, they choose alternative procedures to give them the desired effect they are looking for.

Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery professionals are there to not only perform the procedures, but also to ensure that you are well informed about the actual surgery itself, as well as any possible risks. The doctors can also make suggestions as to the surgeries that will be most appropriate given your skin type, age and overall health issues.

Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery offices tend to follow the same trends as other states within the United States. The most common types of procedures performed by Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery offices remain fairly standard from year to year, with an overall increase in numbers since the 1980s.

Breast Augmentation

The most common procedure performed at any Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery will be the breast augmentation. Women can choose to increase their breast size using a variety of new, safer implant types including silicone gel, which was off the market for many years due to safety concerns.


Removing excessive fat from virtually any area of the body is one of the top five requests of Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery offices. Liposuction is effective and, depending on the actual amount of fatty material removed, can often be used in conjunction with removal of excessive skin.


Both men and women can enjoy the benefits from a facelift. This specific surgery that tightens the skin over the face to give a youthful, fresh appearance is still in the top 5 procedures by popularity. More people are choosing laser treatments or Botox are also popular options but they are not a long lasting.


Rhinoplasty can involve both cosmetic surgery as well as restricting of the nose to increase breathing and air capacity in the nasal passages. Rhinoplasty, like the facelift, is popular with both men and women and is permanent and can be very subtle or more dramatic in the change it provides.

There are a range of other popular procedures completed by Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery offices. If you have any questions about what options are available to change your looks, just schedule a consultation and see what you may be able to consider.

We provide a comprehensive range of services for all types of Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery procedures. For additional information visit us.

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