Why Color Contrast Is Essential For The Cinematic Look

Cinematographers know that color contrast is what makes people, places, and things pop on the screen. Why should wedding videos be any different? Many people mistakenly believe that wedding cinematography is somehow different from any other type of filmmaking. The subject matter of your Ocean County wedding is of course like no other narrative, but that does not mean that your wedding video cannot be an artful production. Your wedding video needs to tell a story through visual language, requiring technical elements like color contrast.

Color contrast means avoiding monotony. And who wants monotony in a wedding video? With color contrast, a white dress stands out against a dark grey background. A sea of pink dresses stand out against the deep blue sea. A rich orange morsel of smoked salmon, drizzled with green capers, stands out on the baby blue plate. Color contrast entices the viewer, making for a wedding video that is enjoyable to watch. When you use a good wedding videographer like Color Room, you will be perennially proud of the results, never embarrassed to share your wedding video online or play it at an anniversary party.

Wedding cinematography is just like cinematography for other types of filmmaking. The videographer needs to understand the elements of composition: how to frame objects on the screen properly, how to use different depths of field, and how to adjust or accommodate for different lighting. Amateur videographers sometimes neglect color contrast. Especially when the wedding has a color theme, it takes a lot of work and creativity to interject contrast into each scene. A smart wedding cinematographer in Ocean County, like Color Room, knows exactly how to create standout creations that will last you a lifetime.

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