Tips for Storing Commercial Items in Storage Units in Newnan GA

When business owners need to store raw materials, office supplies, machinery, and other products but they lack the space to do so, Storage Units in Newnan GA offer a safe, convenient, and easy solution. In this guide, potential tenants can find a few tips for keeping their commercial items in good condition while they’re in storage.

Choose the Right Unit

Determining the appropriate space in which to store commercial items can be difficult. If a customer doesn’t know how much space they need, how much to spend, or how many items they may need to store, they can use an online tool to estimate their requirements and choose the right unit.

Protect Products From the Elements

Some commercial items must be stored under ideal conditions. For instance, a climate-controlled unit is preferred for the storage of electronic equipment. Cold weather can ruin batteries and cause ink or other fluids to freeze. If units aren’t kept at a constant temperature during the summer, there may be issues with moisture damage and rust. Choose a climate-controlled unit to store sensitive items.

Packing Considerations

The right type of packing can protect stored items and help identify them. Follow these tips to improve the storage experience.

  *     Gather materials ahead of time for fragile items

  *     Use the right materials for the item

  *     Label boxes with their contents

  *     Color-code contents to differentiate between stored items

  *     Add warnings to boxes, such as heavy, fragile, etc.

Most Storage Units in Newnan GA offer packing supplies on-site. Effective packing can make the move hassle-free, easy, and fast.

Items That Shouldn’t be Stored

Storage units allow for the warehousing of items like machinery, glass, and more. However, certain items aren’t permitted because they can cause problems. If an item may attract pests, or if it’s combustible or flammable, it shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit.

With the high price of commercial goods, many customers get worried about choosing the right place to store them. Before choosing a storage facility, read online reviews and get multiple price quotes. This will give the customer enough time to make the right choice and save money. Visit the website for more information or contact us for a tour today.

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