Why Aluminum is an Important Material in the Manufacturing Industry

Every manufacturing company uses and trusts aluminum. Learn why its a valuable resource.

Strength for Automakers

Aluminum helps the top automakers build better vehicles. The new standard is called the multi-material mix because it makes cars safer.

There are statistics that back up the safety claims. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration give many aluminum-intensive automobiles a 5-star rating.

Might For Everyday Applications

If you step outdoors and look around, you’ll find high-strength aluminum everywhere. It’s found

• On the sides of a train
• Underneath buses
• Around a truck’s rims

The tallest buildings in your community have aluminum hardware too. They need the material to stand tall.

Power and Chemistry

There is a way to make a piece of aluminum strong like steel. A chemist can achieve this by adding lithium, magnesium, and silicon to a base formula.

Durability to the Extreme

The U.S Army, NASA, and the U.S Air Force trust aluminum because it’s a mighty material. No other substance is tough like aluminum in extreme conditions.

Many troops run missions in an aluminum fighting machine called the HEMTT. It has a dense armor plate for military attacks.

NASA has several space crafts. One day, an aluminum ship will take passengers to Mars.

In the past, all U.S Air Force aircrafts were made of steel, wood, fibers, and wires. Today’s jets have aluminum components. For example, 80 percent of an F-16 is made of aluminum.

If you like to build stuff, make aluminum flat stock your primary material. You can buy it from any reputable metal supplier. Aluminum flat stock is great for exterior and interior applications.

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