Where to Enjoy Italian Food Al Fresca in Providence, Rhode Island

In the last year, enjoying food and dining al fresca has become very popular. Diners and restaurant customers can ask for an outdoor table or a table at an outdoor bar just about anywhere they go. Outdoor restaurants in Providence, RI, are no less popular. Whether you live in Providence, or you are a tourist looking for good food al fresca, here’s what you will find in the best outdoor restaurants in Providence, RI.

Sit at the Bar or Find a Bistro Table

Most restaurants offering an outdoor eating area are also offering an outdoor bar. This provides the social atmosphere you may be accustomed to inside a bar, but with all the brightness and party atmosphere of being outdoors. Choose a spot at the outdoor bar if it’s available, or choose a bistro table close by.

From Tapas to Pizza and Pasta, Italian Food Outdoors Is Where It’s At

Italian food has so much flavor that the best way to enjoy it is outdoors. You are best able to gather the smells rising from your hot food outside, where the smells from indoors cannot hamper the smell and taste of your food. After experiencing tapas to pizza and pasta outside, you may never want to dine inside an Italian restaurant again!

One particular restaurant in Providence offers all of the above, and you can reach out to make a reservation at the Plaza Bar and Kitchen. Outdoor reservations book fast, so don’t delay in making your reservation today. Follow them on facebook.

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