Which Truck Dump Body is Right for You?

If you run a landscaping business in Fresno CA or you are a contractor that needs a dump truck, you have several choices to consider. For example, what kind of truck dump body should you choose? Here are four of the most common selections with more information about them.


A conventional or standard dump truck is the most common choice today. They are made for hauling large loads of loose materials. For example, if your business hauls rock, gravel, or sand, a standard type dump will serve you well. However, you’ll need to take other things into consideration, like the size of your loads. Heavier loads call for heavier trucks and more rear axles. It’s also important to take towing into account.


A flatbed truck dump body is one of the most versatile options in Fresno CA. Does your business use a flatbed truck most of the time? Maybe you occasionally need a dump truck. A flatbed dump may be the best choice. You can have your truck body customized to your needs, and you can save a lot of money because there’s no longer the need to buy or keep up another truck. Standard dump trucks are expensive, and if you have one truck instead of two, you increase efficiency and lower costs.


A contractor dump has shorter sides than a standard dump truck. You can add side boards to increase the capacity when needed. These trucks can haul many materials like large pieces of scrap iron and concrete as well as sand and gravel.


A landscape dump is similar to a flatbed truck dump body. However, some can haul loose materials and things like large tree branches and debris. You can have your truck customized in Fresno CA to include both side and rear gates if you want.

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