How IPL Photo Rejuvenation Can Improve Your Skin

There are various environmental factors that can affect how a person’s skin can appear. From their lifestyle to genetics, they all play a role in the type of skin a person may have. They can experience changes in the texture of their skin such as rough, patchy spots. Along with increased fine lines or irregular pigmentation of the skin that can leave them unhappy with their appearance. One of the biggest features that influence how a person’s skin will feel and look is sun damage.  The sun can dry out the skin and change the pigmentation. IPL in Peachtree City offers a way to reduce or remove the discoloration and increase the quality of skin a person has.

How Does IPL Work

IPL in Peachtree city uses a laser to treat redness of the skin, age, and sun spots on the various areas of the body. This treatment encourages production of collagen that will form new, softer skin. The technique is used each month for 3-5 treatments to help reach the desired results the person is looking for. This allows for a slow clearing of the blemished skin that can last for at least 6 months before another session is required for the individual to maintain their vibrant, youthful appearance.

Prepare for Summer by Starting Treatment Today!

The summer months brings warm weather and cooler clothes that people like to wear. Whether they are enjoying an outdoor activity in shorts and a tank top or hitting the beach in swimwear. They can obtain the beautiful skin they are proud to show off by scheduling an appointment at Bella Medical Aesthetics, PC. Their team of experts will work with you to find the right treatments that will help you feel confident with your appearance.

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