Which Promotional Products Actually Work?

It is common to see promotional products such as pencils and badges with a company’s name, logo, and address on it given out at conferences, events, or just from the company itself. A company such as Gulfside can print you all types of promotional items, from notebooks to charging cables. People are questioning which of these items actually work as a promotional tool however, and what of these items is a waste of money. Well, much of this depends on your individual industry. For instance, a printed sports bag will work well to market a sports drink, but will not be as effective for a law firm of course. Here are a few which have been proven to work:

1. Pens

Everybody uses pens on a daily basis, and many of the ones you have lying around the house may have been promotional items from conferences. This is why printing your company’s name and address on one is so useful. The recipient will see it every day and may even use it when they are thinking of using a service such as yours.

2. Clothing

T-shirts, bags, or any other item of clothing worn regularly is a great marketing tool, according to My Marketing Solutions. Their reasoning is that people will wear them at the gym, on the street, and practically anywhere in public so they will be seen by many people.

3. Candy

Any food item is a popular draw, but candy is especially popular. Everybody likes it and will line up to get a free piece. Printing your company name on the wrapper will remind them that they received something nice from your company and will therefore be more likely to remember you in the future too.

There are a wide range of unique promotional items that you can print your company details onto, but choosing particularly popular items such as the ones above will put your marketing budget to good use and improve your company branding.