Protect That Home or Business With a Durable Metal Roof Installation in Nassau County NY

One concern when owning property in the state of New York is how the changing weather will affect the building. For instance, the expansion and contraction of structural materials such as wood can affect the way the roof functions. Even worse, a poorly applied roof can develop water or ice problems due to this issue. One solution is a metal roof installation in Nassau County NY. However, there are a variety of options in metal roofing and it pays to be selective. One possibility is the use of stamped or press-formed steel. This material is common in residential installations because it can resemble a variety of roofing materials including shake, clay tiles, and even the common asphalt shingle.

A frequent choice in metal roofing is vertical steel sheets. These are long sheets of metal that are typically fastened to the roof with rubber grommet screws. The screws pierce the metal and anchor the sheets to the decking. This can present a problem if the roof must expand and contract during temperature and moisture changes. The alternative is standing-seam sheets. Long runs can be applied with movable fasteners to allow for expansion. Short pieces are installed with attachment flanges. This metal roofing solution also runs vertically. The ribs in the material run from the ridge of the roof its eaves. This design provides exceptional strength and a very reliable Metal Roof Installation in Nassau County NY. Standing seam roofing comes in several metals types including aluminum, zinc, and copper. However, the most common choice is steel because it is both cost effective and very strong.

One of the concerns with certain metal roofing materials is the way they are treated. Certain materials such as aluminum or copper oxidize slowly and need little protection from the elements, but steel roofing requires a reliable coating to protect it from corrosion. Steel coatings vary from a simple zinc-aluminum galvanizing to the application of paint or granular coatings. A possible benefit to the use of steel roofing is the ability to install it over an existing roof. The current roof needs to be functional because it must support the weight of the metal. For this option to work correctly, the contractor will need to install battens to secure the roofing in place. Click here for more information about metal roofing solutions.

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