Where to Go for Estate Planning in Hawaii

When living in Hawaii, it’s possible that you’re too busy enjoying the beautiful scenery, beaches and weather to worry about what happens to your family after you die. However, when planning for the future, you need to think beyond your retirement, you need to think about your estate and how to disburse it as well. The bottom line is that Estate Planning in Hawaii should be an important part of ensuring for the future of you and your family. Estate planning is best done with the help of a lawyer, so here are some of the ways that a lawyer can help you.

Create an Appropriate Will
The truth is that you could write your will on a napkin and as long as it was properly notarized, it would be a binding will. However, what you may not have is an uncontested will or a will that covers everything that it should. An estate lawyer will ensure that your will covers everyone that you want to receive part of your estate. Additionally, he or she can ensure that your verbiage is such that the will cannot be easily contested.

Create a Trust
Establishing a trust is a way to ensure that the property is taken care of while your estate is in probate and your affairs are settled. Typically, you want someone who doesn’t stand to gain from your estate to manage it while it’s in probate. That’s why a lawyer is a good choice for this.

Contribute to Charities
If you have a favorite charity that you want to contribute money to from your estate, then a lawyer can help you with that as well. He or she can determine the best charities for you to consider and also ensure that the money goes to each charity per your request. Additionally, your lawyer can ensure that the charities that you choose use the money in the way that you intend.

Estate Planning in Hawaii is something that you should consider – especially if you have considerable assets. Naturally, you’ll want to hire the right person for the job as well. You can start by visiting website and discover how the Law Office of Cheryl Takabayashi can benefit you.

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