How Does a Dental Crown in Wichita, Kansas Save Your Tooth?

When a tooth experiences damage, there are different options regarding care. While severe damage may require an extraction, this is not always the case. If your tooth can be saved, the dentist will most likely recommend you have a Dental Crown in Wichita, Kansas. A crown completely covers all of the visible areas of your tooth. It protects the tooth, preventing further damage and allowing for more stability in chewing. Crowns are made from resins, porcelain, stainless steel and metal alloys, like gold and platinum. If you are in need of a crown, understanding the process can make you feel more at ease during your procedure.


How Is a Crown Put Into Place?
The process for putting a crown on your tooth is not a difficult or time-consuming one. The dentist will first take care of any tasks, like fillings and root canals that need to be carried out on the tooth. Once this has been accomplished, he or she will carefully shape the tooth, making it smaller and rounding the corners, so the tooth is no longer square and bulky. This will allow the tooth to fit securely into the crown, so there is a good fit.

The dentist will first try the crown out, before it is permanently adhered to your tooth. This allows the dentist to make sure you have a perfect fit and there are no gaps where food and other debris could enter. If the dentist is satisfied the fit is good, he or she will use a special cement to place the crown over the tooth. Using a laser light beam, the dentist will quickly harden the cement so there is an instant bond.

Your Dental Crown in Wichita, Kansas will look, feel and perform just like your own natural teeth. You will be amazed at how much better your smile will look. If you are interested in learning more about the procedure for dental crowns or need other dental services, contact American Dental of KS. They can provide your entire family with the dental care needed to keep your smiles healthy and looking their best.

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