Where to Find a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma, Wa

Filing bankruptcy is no longer a thing looked down upon, as people from all walks of life file bankruptcy in the hopes of starting fresh. The types of bankruptcies that are filed most often by people are the Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and many try to file the former. A Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma Wa advises and represents clients who are in need of debt relief. Here are some of the things that clients should understand about the two main bankruptcies used.

What to Understand about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the option most popularly chosen by those seeking debt relief because it eliminates all of the unsecured debts a debtor has and offers the client the reaffirmation agreement. This option keeps the creditor from harassing the debtor instantly and puts a halt to wage garnishments, both which causes much stress and aggravation to the debtor. Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot be chosen, however, by those who make too much money. Instead, they are offered the option of going with Chapter 13.

What to Understand about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For those who must choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy, this plan is simply a reorganization of the debts the debtor has and gives the debtor a period of three to five years to pay whatever the courts deem to be paid back. Under this type of bankruptcy, the debtor gets to keep the home out of foreclosure and other property that may be owned. This type of bankruptcy may be seen as more respectable than the other popular bankruptcy, as it shows the debtor trying to pay the debts.

A Reasonably-Priced Bankruptcy Lawyer

A person who is looking to file bankruptcy is not likely to have a lot of money to work with, so finding a reasonably priced lawyer is ideal. Rafal Gorski, Attorney at Law is an attorney in the Tacoma, Washington area who represents clients in need debt relief, such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If any person is in need of a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tacoma Wa, the attorney is available and can be reached at website.

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