Summer Maintenance Tips for Residential Plumbing in Cranberry Township PA

Summertime is the time for travel, relaxing, entertaining, and getting ready for the busy fall season. Don’t let problems with Residential Plumbing in Cranberry Township PA spoil the family’s much-needed downtime! Below are several common, yet preventable situations to look for.

Outdoor Fun Equals Indoor Messes

Whether the family’s idea of summer fun involves a long hike, surf and sand, or ATV rides, it’s safe to say that it comes with a bit of extra dirt at day’s end. When washing up after the day’s adventures, try to keep as much as possible out of the home’s drains. They were not designed to hold a large amount of mud, gravel, and sand, and damage is quite common. Hose everyone off outdoors and knock the dirt from everything before putting it in the washer. The drains will be grateful!

Summer Food is Great, But Not for the Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals work hard all year long, but summer poses additional challenges.

• Summer brings a bounty of veggies and fruits, but fibrous parts such as celery strings, corn husks, and banana peels will jam the disposal.

• During cookouts, be sure guests know to avoid putting fat and bones down the drain.

Keep the Sprinkler in Good Shape

If the sprinkler system was inspected during the spring, customers are a step ahead. However, they should still look out for a few things.

• Be careful when mowing. Above-ground sprinkler heads are susceptible to damage by lawnmower blades, but the lawnmower may be damaged as well.

• Prevent damage by pets. Tubing and other plastic bits may be quite the tempting chew toy for an inquisitive dog.

Prep the Plumbing Before Going on Vacation

If summer travel is in the family’s plans, be sure the Residential Plumbing in Cranberry Township PA is ready.

• Ask a friend or neighbor to check in periodically to ensure that everything is safe.

• Check appliances for leaks and cracked hoses.

• Turn the water heater down to its lowest possible setting.

• Empty the dishwasher and washing machine and allow them to air out.

• Turn off outdoor and indoor taps.

• Set the irrigation system to its desired schedule.

Hopefully, these tips will help families avoid the most common plumbing issues this summer. However, if problems arise, call Matt Mertz Plumbing today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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