When To Hire A DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

There are a lot of people who wonder whether or not it is a good idea to hire a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS if they are arrested and charged with driving under the influence. It is not so much a question of if you should hire an attorney, but a question of when. If you get charged for a DUI, you should want to hire an attorney. If you truly cannot find a way to afford an attorney you should settle for the court appointed one.

However, a court appointed attorney should always be your second choice. A court appointed attorney is never going to give your case the attention it needs and deserves. While it is not a bad idea, you do not necessarily have to rush right out and hire a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS as soon as you get charged. You do not need one for your initial arraignment because you can always change your plea later. You would want to hire one after the arraignment before your next court date.

The first thing you and your DUI lawyer such as T Michael Reed are going to sit down and do is figure out which of the drunk driving laws you are in trouble for. A lot of people are surprised to learn that in the United States there are three different laws. For the first law, you just have to be operating a vehicle while you are under the influence of something. You do not even have to be legally drunk. Having anything in your system is enough to get you in trouble.

The second law is having a blood alcohol content level that makes you legally drunk. The third is a DUI felony. You would have had to commit a serious crime or have several DUIs on your record in order to get charged with a felony. If you hit a pedestrian, you killed someone, or you injured someone these would all be situations where it is very possible for you to be charged with a DUI felony. Naturally, one of the biggest reasons why you want to Hire a DUI Attorney MS is to try to avoid getting charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

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