When to choose cold or hot rolled steel Edmonton companies can offer

Edmonton companies can provide a wide range of different services to their customers. With varieties in processing levels, edging, and cold or hot rolled steel, steel buyers have many choices available to them. However new steel buyers may be unaware of which products are more appropriate for their project needs. Exploring when to choose cold or hot rolled steel Edmonton companies can provide will assist in the success of your upcoming project.

Hot Rolling Steel

When steel is hot rolled, it is flattened using a heating process. This process allows the steel to be smoothed and stretched easily and efficiently. These different techniques affect the overall performance of the steel after it has been hot rolled. Steel that has been hot rolled has been processed at temperatures over 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a temperature that allows the steel to become fully malleable. It is above the recrystallization temperature and as such is much easier to form. When you want specific shapes and sizes, hot rolled steel Edmonton companies can provide may be the right choice.

Cold Rolled Steel

Steel that has been cold rolled refers to steel that has been processed at room temperature. This type of steel has usually undergone more processing and is therefore more highly priced than hot rolled steel. Cold rolled steel can be identified as having smoother surfaces that feel oily when touched, bars that are square with well defined corners and edges, and tubes with more uniformity. Unlike hot rolled steel, Edmonton steel companies can make cold roll steel without the need for excessive heat.

When to use hot rolled steel

Since hot rolled steel is cheaper, it is often preferred when aesthetics aren’t a major concern. If dimensional tolerances aren’t a priority, this type of steel can be used simply and efficiently. It can also be scaled and sand blasted for a more even finish.

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