The Pros and Cons of White Marble Countertops

Installing new countertops could be the makeover your kitchen needs. Wondering if you should go for white marble countertops? Review the following pros and cons to see if it’s the right decision for you:


Pro: White marble is visually striking. If you want something that really stands out from all the drab and dreary colors. It also goes with everything, so matching it to your existing décor or furniture should be easy.

Con: Stains and marks are easily visible on a white surface, more so than black or colored ones. That’s a definite disadvantage since you could end up with a lot of unsightly marks if you aren’t careful.


Pro: Marble is one of the most durable–if not the most–out of all the available materials for countertops out there, says the BHG. That means with proper care and maintenance, you could expect yours to last for many years into the future.

Con: Marble can last for several lifetimes. It’s important to be sure about the color you want. If you’re just indulging a temporary whim or think you’ll outgrow that ‘white marble’ phase, then you might want to wait around until you can choose a better color, one that you’ll love for years to come.


Pro: You won’t need special cleaning solutions or harsh ones. All you need is a bucket of soap and water. Clean with a smooth cleaning cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Make sure you first get rid of the dust and debris.

Con: White means stains are going to be easy to see. You’ll need to clean regularly to keep that surface looking smooth, shiny and polished to a gleam. You’ll also need to apply sealant to keep it protected.

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