When People Say Teeth Whitening in Puyallup, WA is Unsafe, What Do They Mean?

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Lifestyle and People

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There is a common understanding that teeth whitening is mostly safe, but there are some risks involved. What does this mean in practice? How can something be both safe and risky at the same time? The below is a look at how teeth whitening is safe but should be practiced with some mild caution.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Almost all the concerns related to teeth whitening derive from at-home products. There is a reason why these products carry some usage risks and messages. If an over-the-counter product is used as intended, it is unlikely to cause harm. But, people have used them recklessly, which has led to many people claiming that teeth whitening is unsafe. In regards to safety, the biggest concern is swallowing the whitening product.

It is a bleach derivative and can cause vomiting and sickness. Some people may leave the gel pads or strips on too long. For a great look, use the product consistently, and do not just double up the application duration for the next time.

Small Tips Can Minimize Even the Smallest Risk

Another problem has to do with the gums, and the fact is that some gums can be extremely sensitive to the teeth whitening product. When people refer to safety, they usually are referring to the inflammation of the gums that can occur. If this happens, visit a dentist. Do not use the product or use it in moderation. These small tips can minimize the risk substantially, especially since some people react to the teeth whitening in peculiar ways.

Teeth Whitening in Puyallup WA is Proven Safe. Go to a dentist. By visiting a dentist, universally all involved risk is mitigated. A dentist has the resources and the experience to make sure the teeth whitening is done safely. A visit to the dentist should pre-date at-home teeth whitening, regardless. A dentist can determine if at-home products could cause inflammation in the gums.

Dentists will also know the proper peroxide levels, which is often at the root of the problem. Individuals will use a product more intense than they can handle or they use a product that is too weak. The result is either inefficiency or pain, and neither result leaves a good impression.

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