When Cesspool Pumping is Not Recommended

Owning and using a cesspool comes with certain responsibilities. You have to make sure it is inspected and maintained. One of the most common procedures is cesspool pumping. In Pukalani, this is an essential part of making sure your septic system operates properly. Yet, although it is necessary to get your septic tank and cesspool pumped out or cleaned regularly, there are also instances when cesspool pumping is not recommended.

After Flooding

If a storm occurs in your area, do not immediately arrange to pump out your septic system. When rising water has washed over Pukalani, and still remains in the region, pumping out your septic system can result in unexpected issues. According to the experts, the reasons for foregoing cesspool pumping during this time are:

  • The presence of water in high levels around a septic tank – particularly a plastic of fiberglass one, can create conditions where cesspool pumping may actually cause the tank to float upwards. This may result in pipe damage.

  • If the tank is heavy concrete, (This is required by current law for cesspools) damage can still occur if the water table is high around the system. The action of pumping out the septic system can make room for the nearby waters to fill the gap. The problem is the water is generally full of silt and debris. This will fill require further work to remove it all.

  • If your system, in particular your tank, is old, the action of pumping may bring about its collapse. Cesspool tanks can be in danger of collapsing after heavy storms

A Low Sludge Level

Unless the tank or system requires repairs or is in need of an overhaul, there is no need to call for a cesspool pumping company. It does not need it.

Before Selling the Residence

Cesspool pumping in Pukalani, is a practice that some owners or realtors engage in prior to the inspection of either the home or the septic system. This, however, prevents the inspector from obtaining a valid portrait of the condition of the septic tank. By allowing a cesspool pumping to occur, the owner and or realtor prevent a dye test being performed. This is not only morally questionable, it is also fraudulent.

While it is important to get your septic system thoroughly cleaned and examine don a regular basis, it is not always necessary for cesspool pumping in Suffolk County to occur. In fact, there are specific instances when doing so is not only unnecessary but can cause serious damage. If you are not an expert on septic systems, including cesspools, do not make the decision on certain matters on your own. Do everyone a favor and talk to the professionals. To know more about cesspool pumping visit Valley Isle PumpingYou can also connect with them on Facebook.

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