What’s Included in a Full Service Car Detail in Baltimore

Vehicle owners often wash the outside of their cars, and sometimes remember to pick up inside as well. An abundance of owners fails to fully clean their vehicles as they should. While they may pick them up and wash them off, they are not fully cleaning them to the best of their ability. For those that need the service done but do not have the time to do so, a car detail can be provided. A Full Service Car Detail in Baltimore includes countless services.

Thorough Exterior Wash
During a car detailing, the vehicle will be washed thoroughly on the outside. Not only will it be sprayed with water and scrubbed down, but only premium soap will be used. The detailer puts on an extra soft wash mitt and fully hand washes the vehicle. It is then dried completely.

Interior Vacuum
A detailer uses a car vacuum to fully clean out the interior of the car. Every crevice and corner is vacuumed out so no debris or dirt can be left behind. Some car owners quickly vacuum out their cars, but miss corners and cracks that are hard to reach.

Shampoo and Steam Clean or Deep Clean and Condition
Depending on the type of interior, a detailer either shampoo and steam cleans cloth seats or deep cleans and conditions leather ones. This ensures the seats are fully cleaned and stain-free.

Polish and Wax
The exterior of the vehicle is both polished and waxed. The polish removes light scratches from the car’s surface and provides a gloss finish. The wax adds a layer of protection that last for at least six months.

Door Seal Protection
The seals around a vehicle’s doors are prone to cracking and drying out. A detailer conditions these seals so they remain crack-free. This ensures no rain or other elements can get inside.

A Full Service Car Detail in Baltimore includes numerous services that a vehicle can benefit from. Not only will the vehicle be washed, dried, and vacuumed, but it will also be polished, waxed, and fully cleaned and protected. Contact Diamond Detail Inc. for additional information on which services are offered to get any vehicle back into excellent condition.

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