What Will An Air Conditioning Contractor Do When They Visit My Home?

While there are some minor parts of AC maintenance you can complete by yourself, it is essential that you have air conditioning contractors in CT help you with the rest. They are qualified to service your unit and can ensure that everything is working properly and safely. While this may not seem like a big deal, having a professional help you with maintenance can help ensure that your system is working efficiently, which may save you money and time on costly repairs in the future. Now, you may be wondering exactly what a contractor will do when they come out to your home. Below are some of the common maintenance functions they may complete.

Your air conditioner has a filter which is vital to maintain the air quality in your home. Filters are designed to rid your home of allergens such as dust and pollen. These small particles can be especially harmful if you have family members who have respiratory diseases that are easily triggered by poor air quality. When a contractor comes out to your home, he will inspect the air filter to determine if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. This way, you can be sure the air quality in your home stays clean and fresh.

Air conditioning contractors in CT will also take the time to deep clean the coils found on the outdoor portion of your unit. Because many AC units are outside of a home, they are subject to the natural weather elements. Overtime, the coils may get dirty and dusty. It is important to keep your unit away from plants and trees that may spread into the coils and tangle with them. Your contractor will notify you if something dangerous is creeping too closely to the unit. Finally, they will make sure the coils are cleaned and ready to continue working to cool your home.

A series of belts operate together to promote the function of your AC unit. When these belts become worn or dirty, the efficiency of your unit decreases. Air conditioning contractors in CT will thoroughly inspect these belts and will replace them as necessary. It is essential that every piece of your unit is working properly so you can avoid a random breakdown. There is nothing more disappointing than having your AC unit breakdown at the height of the hot summer months.

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