Keeping Your Heating System in Perfect Shape

It is estimated that about one third to one half of the energy costs of a home is due to heating and cooling systems. However, the energy consumption of these systems can actually be mitigated if they are properly maintained. Regular engagement of a reliable Heating Service provider in Palmyra, Virginia can ensure that the system is running efficiently.

Poorly maintained heating systems tend to have a shorter lifespan, making it more likely that system will have to undergo major repair or be replaced earlier than expected. Therefore, it is recommended that homeowners stick to a regular schedule of home maintenance. For some homeowners, the cost of maintenance may appear as added expense. But actually in the long run, it is a more cost-effective solution compared to installing a new one.

There are Heating Service providers that offer preventative maintenance of your home heating systems. These service contractors perform maintenance on a routine basis, usually once a year before the winter season starts. If the heating and cooling systems are combined, it may be best to have a separate maintenance check before starting to use the air conditioner.

Regular maintenance of your home heating system by a reliable Heating Service contractor in Palmyra, Virginia will help ensure that the system is always at its best condition. Maintenance checks also help detect any potential problems early on, thereby avoiding costly major repairs. Experienced heating service providers can give you recommendations such as replacing or repairing certain parts before the system fails in the middle of the cold winter nights. Perhaps, you know that emergency heating service can cost you a fortune; preventative maintenance of your home heating system is the only way for you to avoid this added cost.

Studies show that a properly maintained heating system can help cut the energy bills by as much as 30-45%. According to Energy Star (a government-funded program that is responsible with energy efficiency and environmental protection), poorly maintained heating systems tend to be less efficient and are more prone to malfunctions. Neglect can cause accumulation of dirt and debris which, in turn, can reduce the proper functioning of the system. Heating Service providers will see to it that there are no debris or broken or loose parts that can make the heater work harder than it normally should. Heating systems that are congested with dirt or debris obviously require more energy to perform the same functions. Furthermore, it also causes the parts of the system to wear out at a much faster rate.

Heating Service providers make sure that the heating system is clear of any debris or dirt and that all parts of the system are functioning properly. Regular maintenance check can guarantee that the heating system is running efficiently and thus has lower energy consumption.

More importantly, routine maintenance of your home heating system ensures your safety. Heating systems emit carbon monoxide which poses serious health hazards. Furthermore, loose electrical connections increase the risk of fire, as much as debris or blockages in heat and air exchangers.

Keep your heating system in its tiptop shape. Learn more about preventative maintenance from a reliable Heating Service provider in Palmyra, Virginia. Visit for more information.

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