What Types of Support are Offered by Funeral Homes in Middletown?

When a death in the family occurs, it is often hard to focus on the tasks that need attention. Fortunately, the range of services offered by Funeral Homes in Middletown can make it easier for grieving families to make all the necessary decisions. Here are a few examples of the types of support that the family can expect to receive.

Preparing the Obituary

It is not unusual for the staff at Funeral Homes in Middletown to take on the process of preparing the obituary and death notice. This will require sitting down with family members and asking a few questions. The answers will be used to create the basic text. Once the family reviews that text, it will be forwarded to the local newspaper for inclusion in the death notice section. It will also be utilized to create a memorial page on the website of the funeral home. This makes it all the easier for loved ones who will not be able to attend the funeral to pay their respects.

Selecting a Casket or Urn

Depending on whatever wishes the loved one voiced in the past, the family will need to think about the selection of a casket or a cremation urn. With either option, the staff is in a position to offer guidance in choosing something that is tasteful and also happens to fit the budget of the family. As with the preparation of the death notice, the staff will ask a few basic questions before presenting any options, making it all the easier to focus in on selections that are appropriate.

Planning the Memorial Service

If the preference of the family is to hold both events at the funeral home, space and time will be set aside. Should the family prefer visitation at the funeral home followed by a funeral at a local house of worship, the team will make arrangements to transport the casket to the agreed upon site. Even if the goal is for a graveside service, the funeral home can make all the arrangements to prepare the area.

The team at John P. Condon Funeral Home understand that not everyone can make decisions easily when a loved one passes away. For this reason, they are on hand to help guide clients through the process, and ensure everything is done with taste and dignity.

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