What To Look For In Document OCR Technology

The human eye can be easily fooled when it comes to the authenticity of documents. New online software programs that are readily available make it simple for those intent on creating false identification to manipulate and alter digital copies of documentation and then have it reproduced.

These digitally altered copies can be so accurate that they are almost impossible for the human eye to spot. To make it more challenging, if the person presenting the document looks like the picture, an employee is typically not focused on the authenticity of the documents, but rather in the match between the face and the picture.

Using document OCR technology eliminates this issue. OCR or Optical Character Recognition can be completed from a smartphone using an app. The documents is simple scanned with the app on the device, and it can be instantly scanned and verified as accurate, or identified as an altered document.

Essential Factors

It is important for a business to use document OCR scanning technology that provides real-time results. This allows for a seamless experience for your customers and employees using the system.

It is also essential for the technology to integrate into other KYC, AML, or verification processes currently in use by the business. Look for scanning capacity for the front and back of the document as well as the types and country of origin of the passport, driver’s license, or other documentation.

For most businesses, the document OCR app must be usable on both iOS and Android systems. This flexibility allows one solution that is flexible and universal.

To learn more about the document OCR app and technology at Accura Scan, see us online. To try our free demo, download the app today at accurascan.com.

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