Storing Marijuana: How to Marijuana in a Display Jar as Fresh as Possible

Display jars are a great option for storing your marijuana. However, it can still be difficult for you to keep the marijuana fresh. There are several ways that you can keep your marijuana fresh.

Store Your Marijuana Properly

The place where you store your marijuana will have a positive or negative effect on how long it will stay fresh. You will need to keep your marijuana in a cool, dry place. You will also need to keep the marijuana out of the direct sunlight.

Use Humidity Packets

You will need to keep your leaf hydrated. One of the best things that you can do in order to keep the leaf hydrated is to use a humidity packet. There are also natural ways that you can keep the leaf hydrated. For example, you can water it on a regular basis.

Avoid Storing the Marijuana in a Refrigerator

You do not want to keep your marijuana in the refrigerator. The temperature changes can encourage the growth of mold. You also want to keep your marijuana out of the refrigerator. The cold temperatures can cause the marijuana to freeze.

Use Your Marijuana within a Timely Manner

If anything is stored for a long time, then it will eventually start to degrade. That is why even if you store your marijuana properly, you will still need to use it in a timely manner.

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