What to Look for in a Law Firm for Your Small Business

Working with the right attorney with experience in business matters can reap many benefits when it comes to the success of your company. It is important to make sure your business is standing on solid legal ground. The right law firm can help you keep your attention on growing your business and avoid potentially expensive mistakes. At Mulcahy LLP, we are your source for experience representation when it comes to various small business issues.

Not all legal firms and attorneys are sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced to handle certain legal matters that effect startups, small businesses, and franchises.

Finding the Right Small Business Law Firm
One business law firm may be right for a large, major corporation, but not ideal for a smaller business. The opposite may be true when it comes to another law firm for small businesses as opposed to larger corporations. Look for a law firm with these attributes if you need long-term legal counsel for your small business:

  • Extensive experience in business law at the federal, state, and local level
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Extensive experienced working with small businesses
  • A working knowledge of your business sector or niche
  • Connection with a broad network of professionals allowing them to obtain or refer you to specialists.

Choose a Local Law Firm
Most small businesses will benefit from hiring a local law firm rather than a firm out somewhere out of state. It is important to utilize a law firm that has sufficient familiarity and experience with local laws to help you avoid unnecessary legal issues and make informed decisions. Local attorneys will usually incur fewer traveling expenses serving your legal needs which means one less expense passed on to you.

Choose the Best Size Law Firm for Your Business
Law firm size is another consideration to make when hiring a law firm for your small business. Generally, larger sized law firms retain more attorneys and assistants, which can mean more skills and resources under one roof – but they are also often more expensive. Many small businesses will benefit just fine with a small to medium sized law firm with attorneys who have specialized knowledge and skills and charge relatively affordable rates.

For the strong and experience representation you need for your small business, look no further than our team at Mulcahy LLP. To set up a consultation with an attorney from our team, give us a call today at 949.252.9377 or complete our contact form.