What to Look for and How to Find a College Apartment with Extra Perks

If you are hunting for University of Wyoming apartments, there are many practical features to consider, but those things should not be the only items on your list. Consider factoring in fun and social space as you investigate housing by this university.

Extracurricular Space

Apartments can be more than just a place to sleep and eat. People can recharge themselves if the complex offers additional setups, such as a gym open around the clock and game rooms. Social spaces can include common outdoor grounds and a coffee lounge. If you have roommates who have guests over and the apartment complex has a library or study hall, you can always head down there to get your work done. This type of arrangement can make having roommates enjoyable.


Some landlords have created University of Wyoming apartments that are budget-friendly for students. The rent includes furnishings, a fitness center, and often transportation to the university. The utilities, including power, are bundled into the rent. A bonus feature to look for is internet access as part of the rental agreement. Parking should be free and convenient for the units.

Security and Privacy

An on-site manager can give tenants peace of mind, as well as individually locking bedrooms. The manager can monitor who is coming and going if the complex has controlled access. This system does not necessarily limit who can come and go, but rather, it is just a security feature that appeals to many students. For more tips on how to locate University of Wyoming apartments, contact Alight Laramie at


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