Affordable and Attractive Cabinet Door Options For Your Kitchen

Medium Density Fiberboard Kitchen Cabinet Doorsn

When you shop for kitchen cabinetry doors, you should consider medium density fiberboard (MDF) options. Such an engineered material is significantly less expensive than other premium woods on the global market. MDF panels offer a good combination of affordability, durability and aesthetic appeal. You could select MDF door panels in several common thicknesses for universal fitting and installation at your house. For example, the maximum thickness of such a sheet for cabinetry application is typically 2.0 inches. You may choose much thinner MDF sheets based on estimated savings and other specific factors impacting your renovation project at home. MDF backing is another important element for residential kitchen door panels. Such a simple item maintains the integrity and overall shape of the larger sheet over the long run. Additionally, the outside edges and back pockets of MDF panels are available in a wide range of attractive designs.

Slab Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking to add some contemporary appeal to your home, select slab-style kitchen cabinetry doors. Such installations usually come in white, black or other basic colors that blend in nicely with the surroundings. High-gloss and textured finishes add some modern style to slab doors for your kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the protective applications prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, stains and other unsightly elements. Slab-type doors for kitchen cabinets are also available in natural wood with exposed grains for organic appeal.

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