What to Know about the Installation of Spas in Lake Orion, MI

Some homeowners want to upgrade their area by getting a spa, also called a hot tub, installed for relaxation and health reasons. There are a lot of measures that must be taken and information to sort through before getting a spa installed, and the homeowner should learn about this information. A pool installation service installs spas in Lake Orion MI for customers who are interested in the tubs. Here is a closer look at the information that customers should be aware of when getting a spa.

Information to Know About Installing a Spa

Because installing a hot tub or spa requires a lot of electrical installation, it is important that every detail follows the National Electric Code (NEC), otherwise, a building inspector may not pass the spa as being safe to use. The hot tub cannot be installed under any power lines because of safety reasons and also another violation of the NEC. The place where the spa will be installed must have a solid foundation, which causes a lot of customers to choose concrete as the foundation source. Some people also choose to use their decks as a place for their spa since it is already level.

More About Installing a Spa

Another consideration is the distance the hot tub or spa must be from the primary home, which is a strict requirement in some states. Those states that have such requirements state that the spa must be at a minimum of five feet from the property line. This is just a little information about installing hot tubs and spas and for peace of mind, customers will want to hire an experienced spa and pool installer who is already familiar with all codes and restrictions.

A Spa Installer in Michigan

There are many businesses that focus on installing pools and spas in the State of Michigan. DRS Pool & Spa is a business that installs above-ground pools, in-the-ground pools, and spas for customers in the market in Michigan. If a customer is interested in installing Spas in Lake Orion MI, the business is available. Get more information by visiting the website.

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