Tips for Maintaining Commercial paving in Madison, WI

Asphalt is the best parking lot material when it comes to withstanding heavy use and the test of time, but only if it is properly maintained. Business owners can read on to find some tips for maintaining commercial paving in Madison WI to ensure that they are doing everything possible to protect their investments.

Keep it Clean

Most business owners with huge parking lots hire a third-party service provider to clean their lots. Smaller ones might assign the duty to one or more employees. Either way, sweeping up dirt and debris will keep the surface clean, preventing damage and creating a better first impression for customers.

Clean Oil Stains

Don’t leave oil sitting on asphalt for longer than necessary. It can break down some of the key components in the asphalt, making it wear more quickly.

Repair Cracks Immediately

Without immediate repair, small cracks can quickly escalate into giant potholes. Potholes and large cracks create dangerous driving and walking conditions and allow water to seep into the asphalt, which will only make the situation worse.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Part of cleaning asphalt parking lots involves removing all leaves, litter, and other debris from the storm drains. If the drains become clogged, it will lead to pooling water. That pooling water will do a lot of damage over time.

Sealcoat According to Schedule

Sealcoating Commercial Paving in Madison WI requires specialized equipment and expertise. Hire a paving service to perform this work on a pre-determined schedule. Most parking lots need to be sealcoated every two to four years to protect them against sun damage and water penetration.

Schedule Annual Inspections

Even frequent, comprehensive visual inspections to alleviate the need for annual professional inspections. During these inspections, paving contractors will check the asphalt to see if any repairs need to be made or its sealcoating schedule needs to be altered. Performing this work on time helps to extend the longevity of the pavement.

The Bottom Line

Business owners should keep asphalt surfaces clean, dry, and free of debris. They should also consider signing a maintenance contract with a local paving company for repairs and routine maintenance, as this will ensure that it always gets done according to schedule. Schedule an appointment for an inspection and an initial consultation with a local contractor who can help today.

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