What to Know About Kratom for Anxiety

Kratom is an herb that is native to Southeast Asia, it grows in several countries there, including Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It has been used for more than 1,500 years in these countries, and they pick the leaves and chew them for a number of different reasons, including relief from aches and pains, increased mental clarity, and more. Some people also take kratom for anxiety.

Kratom Tea

When you decide to try kratom for anxiety, you can take it in several different ways. It often comes as a dried leaf powder, and this is the most common way to consume it. You can brew it in tea, which is common. This process extracts kratom alkaloids from the plant material. You don’t want to heat the kratom in the water; it is better to heat the water and then mix the powder in. You can add a squeeze of lemon juice to the mixture to improve the taste and help extract the kratom alkaloids. Kratom tea is the best kratom for depression and anxiety.

Other Forms of Kratom

Another way to take kratom for anxiety is in capsule form. They are made as vegan capsules from pullulan gum. This substance is derived from mushrooms, and it dissolves more easily than traditional gelatin capsules. One of the most popular options is kratom juice, which improves the flavor. You mix the kratom with your favorite juice, heat it in the microwave, and enjoy it. Some people place the kratom powder directly in their mouths and then rinse it down with their favorite drink. You can try any of these methods to enjoy the benefits of kratom.