5 Tips to Consider During a Bathroom Remodel in Boston

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Bathroom Makeover

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Your bathroom deserves to be in good shape for seamless and enjoyable daily routines. Efficiency, convenience, and appeal are the top qualities of a good bathroom. From DIY projects to full-service installations, remodeling this space should be easy and affordable. These five points will ensure you have a smooth bathroom remodel in Boston.

1. Choose Calming Colors

A bathroom’s color scheme should be light, relaxing, and calming. Lift your bathroom using cool colors like shades of blue and green. Color coordination between your walls and tiles gives a neat and coordinated look.

2. Embrace Modern Designs

Replace fittings in your bathroom using modern designs to give it a new look. Switch your old pedestal sink with a new wash basin or single-vessel sink. Change bathroom hardware such as soap dishes and towel racks to match the faucets.

3. Get the Right Fittings

A bathroom remodel in Boston ensures the measurements for each fitting are accurate. Ill-fitting fixtures make the room crowded and clumsy. Use mirrors to create a large-room illusion if you have a small space. Refrain from mixing different tiles or grout because it gives an eclectic finish, not ideal for bathrooms.

4. Install Eco-friendly Fixtures

Blend style and functionality by installing water-efficient fixtures such as Low-flow toilets and automatic taps. Solar water heaters and water recycling is eco-friendly and saves money. Ensure your drain pipes are the right size for your sink to avoid clogged drainages and spillages.

5. Get Rid of Clutter

Cluttered spaces make the room cramped, clumsy, and prone to accidents. Install cabinets to store products and medicines. Toothbrushes, tissue paper, towels, and soaps should all have holders for a neat space. Keep the floors dry and clear of buckets.

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