What to Expect When Working with a New Home Builder

Are you looking to build a new home in the Minocqua WI area? If so, you will need to work with professional home builders. When it comes to working with home builders in Minocqua WI, you should definitely know what you can expect throughout the process. Here is a preview:

They Will Clear the Site and Lay the Foundation

Before home builders in Minocqua WI can build your home, they need to have a place to build it. In order to do this, the first thing the builders will do is to clear the site you have chosen and survey the land. This will show optimal placement and will show if anything needs to be taken care of before the foundation is built. For instance, you might choose to have a basement and if this is the case, you will see the builders taking care of it at this time. Only when everything else has been completed will the foundation be laid.

The Building of the Frame

The next step, once the foundation is laid, is to build up the frame. This is like a wooden skeleton of your house that will hold the house as it is constructed. You will be able to get your first visual of what the house will look like once completed during this stage. You should expect to be asked questions during this stage as well like where you might want electrical outlets as where you would like common household fixtures.

Filling in the Frame

Once the frame is up, it is time to fill the inside. This includes things like electrical, plumbing, insulations and more. Some builders will have people on their own staff to take care of this, others will have contractors who work for them in order to do these things. You will also find that the builders will put in the HVAC system, showers, tubs and other fixtures.

Trimming and Painting

The last step is to get the trim of the home in order, including things like laying carpet and flooring. Painting will be done on both the inside and outside of the home as well. Once this is done, you are ready for the final step, the walkthrough. This is where your contractor will walk through the home and ensure all is well and it is ready for move in. After a quick inspection, you can take control of your new home. Click here for more information.

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