What to Expect When Dealing With a Company that Specializes in Crating in Austin

If you ship large items, you are probably aware of how complicated it can be to package them so they arrive safely and meet the regulations of the shipping company you are using. While you could try to piece boxes together, it may be better to let a professional help. If you are tired of struggling with Crating in Austin, let a crate producer package items so you know they will not be damaged in transit or refused by the shipping carrier. Before you rush out and visit a crate company, make sure you know what to expect. The following is a brief overview of what the process of using a crate company will entail.

Item Dimensions
The first thing the crate company will need are the dimensions of the item you are needing to ship. They may also request a picture of the item so they can account for any odd shapes. You should also provide them with the weight of the item and whether or not the item is fragile and prone to being broken if handled inappropriately.

Crate Design
Once they have all of the necessary information, they will go to work designing your crate. They will use high quality wood and screws to ensure that the box will be able to withstand harsh shipping conditions. Ask them about the quality of their crates and ask to see examples of their work before you determine if they will be able to help you with your shipping needs.

Building and Shipping
After they have designed the crate, they will then begin constructing it. Most crates can be constructed in as little as two days. Once the crate is finished, they will even help you pack the item in the crate and identify a shipping company that will be able to assist with the shipping process. Let a crate company help make your shipping department run smoother than you imagined.

Make sure your products arrive to your consumers on time and in one piece by contacting an expert Crating in Austin company today. The professionals at Crate Master have been constructing crates for over 20 years, and they will ensure your item is packed safely and in a timely manner. Call them today to learn more, and make your business easier to run and more financially lucrative.

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