Easiest Fixes when Buying a Fixer Upper

Not everyone is looking for a move in ready home. Many people have the makeover bug thanks to popular television shows that look for diamonds in the rough and finish them to suit the new home owner’s tastes. This has become a far more appealing idea to more and more people looking for a bargain home in their preferred area. When purchasing Stillwater real estate look for these easier fixes to complete a home in the manner you would like:

1. Flooring: A very common cosmetic problem that can turn people off from buying a home is flooring. Whether it is bad carpet, worn wood or cracked tile, one of the easiest fixes is replacing the flooring. You can easily have this project complete prior to moving day and also ask for a reduction when buying the house especially if the floors are in particularly bad condition. When looking at a home with bad carpeting lift the carpet and see what lies beneath. You might get lucky and discover hardwood floors that can be in good condition or that might just need some TLC. As well bedrooms with bad carpet can easily have the carpeting replaced very affordably.

2. Wallpaper: Bad wallpaper can be a real turn off to many buyers. Although this isn’t physically easy to remove, especially if it is throughout the entire home, it definitely is affordable. It will take some elbow grease but if the house itself is in good repair and has an attractive layout, size and neighborhood once complete you will have a lovely home purchased at a very attractive price.

3. Kitchen: A bad kitchen can bring the price of a home down substantially. If you are lucky enough to find a perfect neighborhood and the right layout and size, with a bad kitchen you can easily negotiate a good price to cover the cost of a kitchen remodel. You will not only have a dream home, but a brand new kitchen designed to your exact liking.

4. Bathroom: Much like a bad kitchen, a bad bathroom or en suite can make it difficult to sell a home. If you are willing to put in a low ball offer to cover the costs you can have your ideal bathroom by the time you are ready to move in.

Houses in need of these fixes will usually sell at a reduced price. This means it can put Stillwater real estate in your preferred area within your each as long as you are willing to take on a bit of a fixer upper.


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