What to Expect from a Janitorial Service in Torrance

When most people think of janitorial services they think about the janitors in schools, hospitals, government buildings, and in factories or commercial structures. However, janitorial services can extend into the residential arena as well. Technically, the word janitor just means a custodian or caretaker that does the cleaning in a home. It comes from the British English. In Scotland it refers to professionals who clean and take care of commercial, industrial, government, and medical facilities. A Janitorial Service in Torrance, California encompasses the full meaning of a janitor and provides certain types of cleaning and maintenance services to homeowners and business owners.


The most common janitorial services to expect for your home or other dwelling include things like carpet cleaning, window washing, painting, blinds cleaning, and floor stripping and refinishing solutions. These are things traditional maid or cleaning services seldom do for you. If you do not have the time or the ability to perform these tasks yourself then a janitorial service can help.


If you are moving out of a rented dwelling or selling your home or business, it is wise to hire a janitorial service to ensure proper cleaning. These services are ideal for helping you get back your full deposit from your rental or for giving your house or office building the clean-up it needs to make it presentable for buyers.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial buildings like apartments, banks, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, office buildings, schools, and other commercial structures need to be cleaned properly to maintain a healthy environment. Construction sites are considered industrial sites which can also benefit from janitorial services.

Handyman Solutions

A quality Janitorial Service in Torrance will not only properly clean your home or commercial building, but also perform various handyman tasks. This is where the concept of a janitor being a caretaker. They are qualified to perform repairs for things like your windows, floors, plumbing, and electrical problems.

These are the things you should expect from a local Torrence janitorial service. It is a good way to ensure a proper cleaning that provides a healthier and safer environment at home, in the workplace, or in industrial and medical facilities. CC Cleaning & Maintenance has an established business that provides janitorial services to the Torrence community as well as surrounding areas. They also provide quality janitorial services in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

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