What to Expect During Hearing Tests Near Casa Grande, AZ

Hearing tests near Casa Grande, AZ, are the only method to determine whether someone has some kind of hearing loss, particularly those forms that are difficult to grasp. When you schedule an appointment for a hearing test, it might be good to know what the exam itself will include.

The following explains a few aspects of the hearing test that will help you be ready for it.

Initial Consolation

When you arrive for hearing tests near Casa Grande, AZ, your hearing healthcare practitioner will review your personal medical history with you. Take note of any places where you have difficulty hearing. Consider how different elements of your life, such as a conference or dining in a noisy restaurant, may benefit from enhanced hearing.

Physical Exam

You’ll get a physical examination with an otoscope after the consultation. Your hearing specialist will examine your ears to check if any physical abnormalities, such as impacted earwax or eardrum damage, interfere with your hearing.

The Hearing Test

A succession of tones ranging from low to high will be transmitted to your ears via headphones. When you hear a tone, you will be prompted to make a gesture, signal, or click a button to indicate that you have heard it. This basic exam can be used in conjunction with two additional types of tests.

The first is speech audiometry, which involves playing the human voice at various volumes and pitches. Tympanometry, a final exam, measures your auditory responses using physical bursts of air pressure. The test determines how effectively a person responds to changes in sound by assessing the ear’s reaction to pressure.