Fayetteville Gutter Installation Guide

If there is one thing on a property that is often neglected it is the gutters in your home. Most people often pay attention to them when there is a heavy rainfall and the gutters become choked and start flooding into the property. Fayetteville gutter installation becomes crucial before any rainy season to avoid any inconvenience for the residents.

There are many signs that show that your old gutters need a replacement and a new installation can be very difficult if you don’t know how to do it right. If you have decided to install one then ensure you follow the four-step installation process.

Cut or Re-attach the Gutter

Find a hackshaw and start cutting the gutter to fit the measurements of the manhole. Reattach the gutters where it is necessary by using a sealant or a rivet gun. Ensure the sealant is waterproof.

Mark the Right Points

Start marking the highest and lowest points of the gutter. The highest should be 1 ¼ inches below the drip-edge flashing which will ensure that water drains inside the gutter and not outside the drip-edge. Ensure that you also make appropriate depths going towards the gutter and the standard depth is 1/16th inch depth per foot. The gutter cleaning services will advise you to mark these points with chalk.

Attach the Guttering

Once you choose the type of guttering it is time to drill them into the fascia or attach it to the fascia brackets. If you decide to drill the guttering, then you must ensure you install a few hanging straps approximately 2 feet apart to give the gutter the support it needs.

Attach the End Caps

At this stage you have to attach the end caps of the gutter and cut the downspout holes through a hackshaw. Then attach the elbow and drill it in the downspout hole. Ensure that the elbow fits into the downspout to ensure that water goes inside the gutter.


Fayetteville gutter installation is not an easy task however it becomes very important to ensure that your gutters are properly installed before the rainy season to avoid any high cost repairs of your property.