What to Do When You Need a Car Inspection in New Jersey

Do you think you need a car inspection in the state of New Jersey? If you are unsure, here is what the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has to say: “Vehicles need to be inspected once every two years in New Jersey, except for new vehicles, which are given a five-year inspection.” If that doesn’t make it clear, they say to look at the inspection sticker on the windshield as this will clearly explain when the next inspection is due. For example, if your vehicle is a 2018 model, you will see that it requires inspection in 2023. However, if it is a 2016, it is likely you are on the two-year calendar.

Who Can Do the Car Inspection?
If you do need that inspection, you have up to two months before the date listed to get it done, and you can use a few different providers as your inspection facility. These include State Inspection Stations, Private Inspection Facilities (PIFs), Emissions Repair Facilities (ERFs), and Diesel Private Inspection Facilities (Diesel PIFs). You also need to have proper paperwork and documentation when you arrive at the facility. This includes your valid driver’s license, the registration on the vehicle, proper insurance documentation (meaning that everything on that document matches the details of the car’s registration – owner’s name, any leasing company, address, and so on)

How to Get It Done
To have the car inspection done usually means working with one of those facilities. You will want to make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that the garage or facility is able to accommodate your needs. Then, you just arrive at the time designated and the experts at the site takeover. They are going to check the sticker to be sure you’ve made it in time. They will do a smog check along with the vehicle inspection and look at a long list of issues, ensuring the vehicle is in safe and sufficient operating condition. If it fails, you receive a written report about what went wrong and the steps you’ll need to take to pass the next time.

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