How to Make Prudent Use of Your Storage in Cape Coral FL

Moving, decluttering, or simply downsizing can be a bit distressing when space is limited in a home. A smart way to free up room in a household while protecting valued assets is to consider the use of rented storage in Cape Coral FL. A rented storage room allows a user easy access to belongings while keeping them safe from harm. The following suggestions can be implemented to make the most out of space in a storage room.

Use Vacant Space

Many opportunities are available for storage room renters to use vacant space. Empty appliances and drawers are an excellent way to store hard-to-pack items. The enclosure of an empty appliance provides a safe haven from the weather elements. Vacant drawers in bureaus and cabinets enable individuals to conveniently organize, access, and protect effects. Labels can be attached to an appliance exterior or drawer exterior for easy identification of its contents.

Utilize Storage Room Walls and Corners

When building stacks in a storage room, try to use corners and walls as a support system. It’s preferable to allow a slight gap between a stack of moving devices and a wall. This allows the stack to lean into the wall so it doesn’t topple over. Corners provide excellent placement for square or rectangular pieces of furniture such as tables, dressers, bookcases, benches, and cabinets. Since these pieces fit snugly into the right angle of a corner, space is not wasted. Belongings such as chairs, gardening tools, and small appliances can be positioned on top of these pieces of furniture for stability.

Employ Vertical Space

One of the most often ignored parts of a storage room is vertical space. Don’t hesitate to make good use of this vacant area. Pyramid stacks can be constructed to systematically arrange items, boxes, or plastic totes of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Ensure that care is taken when reaching beyond one’s height. Use a secure ladder or other climbing systems to safely arrange belongings vertically.

By applying these tips, it will be easier to organize a storage room. It will also keep a storage room renter from having to rent another room or move to a larger room in the future. For information on Storage in Cape Coral FL, please contact us to speak with a storage specialist. The experts at Ready2Move Moving & Storage offer valued customers moving, packing, and storage services along with moving tips.

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