What to Do When Arrested

People being arrested are experiencing multiple emotions at once. If this is the first arrest, fear and panic are probably the most common emotions. Those who have been arrested before may be worried, defiant, or afraid of dire consequences. Remaining as calm as possible is essential at the time of arrest.

During the Arrest

While being searched or questioned at the scene, make a mental note regarding the behavior of arresting officers. Were rights read off a card? Was permission asked before a search? Was unnecessary force used? These questions are going to be the first ones asked of any lawyer assigned to represent the case on your behalf. Do not answer any questions except your name, and do not agree to any searches that may divulge unlawful activity.

While at the Station

Select the recipient of one phone call wisely. A friend or family member is ideal because that person can make all other calls needed to get out of jail and get legal representation. In the absence of that option call one of the many bail bonding companies in Atlanta. They are all open twenty-four hours a day and can start the process of making bail and getting a swift release. Once on bail, there is plenty of time to notify family who lives far away, call work, and get in touch with a lawyer.

Take Full Advantage of Being on Bail

Bail bonding companies in Atlanta, such as Free At Last Bail Bonds, offer services that extend past getting people out of jail. Experienced personnel can explain the whole process and let people know what to expect while on bail and when they get to court. Ask questions, review any restrictions, and let the company know if you need transportation to court. It is in the best interest of everyone involved to make sure those on bail appear in court.

Bail is also granted to allow people to continue working, work with their lawyers to build a strong case, and go about their regular routines while waiting for the court date. Follow the rules, do what is required, and the court date will go smoother than if evasion is attempted.

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