Expert Tips On Buying Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA

Wearing a proper pair of shoes for tennis requires a bit more thought and preparation than just throwing an old pair of sneakers. There are specific attributes to take into consideration. Here are some tips that experts say one should take heed of before purchasing Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA.

Court Surfaces

The first thing which needs to be considered is exactly what kind of tennis court surface will be played upon? Tennis shoes are specifically designed to be worn on a certain type of court. For example:

  • Grass- Tennis shoes designed to be worn on these types of courts will be made to avoid damaging the court itself. They will also have small nubs which prevent slipping on wet grass while playing tennis. They are typically made from synthetic materials along with mesh.
  • Hard- These types of courts can be quite brutal on the player’s shoes. On the other hand, Mens Tennis Shoes in San Diego CA can also be quite unforgiving on the hard courts. Shoes designed to be worn on hard courts are made in such a way to avoid scuffing the court’s surface. They all make support and cushioning a high-priority due to the physical rigors the athlete’s foot will endure from playing on the hard court.
  • Clay- This type of court requires an entirely different shoe from the other two courts. These shoes are made to be lightweight for an increase in maneuverability and speed. They also feature a distinct herringbone pattern for the tread to prevent the tread from becoming filled with clay. The tread is also designed to grip the surface of the court but still allow for sliding during the course of play.
  • All Court- Some bigger shoe manufacturers make footwear which takes the best aspects of all three shoes and combines them into one shoe. If the player does not specialize in any one type of one court, this style may be their best option.

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