What to do In Case of Drain Line Damage in Peachtree City

Whenever clean water comes to your home, it has to leave after it is used. Drain pipes play a vital role in carrying wastewater from your home. Just like other plumbing units, drain lines could get cracked or clogged, thus causing problems to your home’s plumbing system. Issues with the drain pipes should be rectified as soon as they occur. Ignoring them could lead to serious plumbing problems, which are costly to repair and even pose serious health risks to your family.

Causes of Damage to Drain Lines
Mostly, drain pipes get damaged from the pressure that is exerted from both inside and outside the drains. Drain pipes made of cast iron are susceptible to corrosion, and they may break down after a few years. Also, PVC drain pipes weaken when they are exposed to high temperatures. When clay pipes aren’t installed correctly, they may become weak and susceptible to cracking in various areas. Lastly, roots may find their way into the drain pipes causing blockages and eventual collapse of drain pipes.

Signs of a Problematic Drain Line
Some tell-tale signs of a problematic drain line include:
Frequent backup either in the toilet or bathtub
Bathtub draining slowly
Foul smell from your basement or even the yard

If you spot any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact professional plumbers near Peachtree City. A licensed plumber will assess the damage to your drain line and recommend the appropriate action based on the assessment. Plumbers near Peachtree City can prevent drain line problems from happening again by cleaning, repairing, and conducting regular inspections to ensure drain lines are working correctly at all times.

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