Medical Tubing Extrusion: No Room For Error

Critical applications require exacting measures. In the medical field, there is no room for error. A classic example of the need for tight tolerances and precise employment of the exacting specifications demanded for medical device production is found in medical tubing extrusion. During the process, molding companies and fabricators must exercise increasingly precise control over all aspects of production.

Avoiding Problems

In producing medical tubing and other similar devices, companies need to exercise great care. Of primary importance are the need to achieve the following results factors as:

  • High-Quality
  • Exacting precision
  • High repeatability
  • Traceability
  • Extreme cleanliness

Monitoring the equipment at critical times of production is essential if the medical tubing extrusion process is to avoid several common problems.

Common Problems

To avoid the degradation of plastic tubing into unusable scrap, manufacturers must take constant care to avoid the following common problems:

  • Surface roughness aka melt fracture
  • Improper pressure
  • Gel (bumps) production
  • Improper cuts or incorrectly lubricated blades

These are both upstream and downstream problems. Professionals are easily able to address the issues and correct them.

Medical Tubing Extrusion

When it comes to medical devices, producing flawless components and complete products conforming to exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances is essential. Companies entering the field have little to no margin for error. Providing the medical industry with high-quality results is necessary if a company is to retain good standing in this field. Instituting flawless practices in medical tubing extrusion and other plastic injection or dip molding processes, goes a long way to ensuring the right results.

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