What to Ask When Renting a Portable Toilet

If you are in the midst of hosting an event and aren’t sure what sort of portable toilet rental in Port St Lucie, FL, you need, the company you choose to provide the toilets can often help. However, knowing exactly what to ask to ensure you have the needed facilities can be challenging, especially if you’ve never rented portable toilets in the past. We’ll share some questions you can ask to be sure you’re all set for the big event.

Are Restrooms Nearby?

If there are already public restrooms in the vicinity of your event, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a portable toilet. However, it does mean you may need fewer toilets and that where you place them is right for the event. If tons of people are attending, nobody wants to wander around looking for a restroom. If there’s already a great restroom at the facility, you may want to place a few toilets in the same area.

Are Other Events Happening?

If restrooms are available, what you want to think about is how long it will take guests to get to in. It is important to be aware of whether another event is happening at the facility. If you have lots of guests and so does the other event, this could lead to a long wait. Having portable toilet rental in Port St Lucie, FL can ensure there are enough bathrooms for all of your guests without a long wait.

Will Children Be Attending?

Those who are having a long event with children in attendance also want to consider the needs of the parents. Infants may need to be changed, so a baby changing station becomes a must. Children can get messy quickly, with everything from muddy shoes to stained shirts, so having extra facilities may be the best option.

What Event is Being Hosted?

The type of event you are having will also make a difference in how many toilets you need. For a short event, one or two portable toilets may be fine. If you’re having an elegant event, you may want a classier toilet that pulls out all the stops. Ask your toilet company what options are available and what they suggest.

At Porta Potty ToGo, we offer portable toilet service in Port St Lucie and beyond.

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